HELMET – An approved and correctly fitted helmet which carries the Standards Association of Australia label (AS 1698) or equivalent refer to the Manual of Motor Sport, MSA or a SA Quad Club representative.

CLOTHING – Trousers of a synthetic, non-combustible material. A jersey made of a close knit fabric which must be close fitting and provide some protection against abrasions to the body and arms. The rider’s race number must be displayed on the riders back.

FOOTWEAR – Boots which are constructed of leather, plastic or a similar durable material. Ideally they should cover approximately ¾ of the length of the lower leg when the ride is sitting on the bike in a racing/riding position.

GLOVES – Gloves should be made of leather or other durable material.

GOGGLES/VISORS – Eye protection in the form of goggles is strongly recommended. Goggles should be made of non-shattering material.

BODY ARMOUR – Juniors are required to wear commercially manufactured body armour. The majority of senior competitors choose to wear body armour and is highly recommended

HAIR – Long hair must be confined to the helmet or jersey.

NECK BRACES – are not a requirement but are worn by the majority of riders.

All of this equipment is readily available at retail outlets. Check out some of our sponsors who can offer advice and pricing. Helmets are inspected prior to events, other clothing items may also be inspected to ensure they are of standard.


Some modifications maybe required before you can race your quad.

NERF BARS – These need to fitted between the front and rear wheels and must be constructed to prevent the riders feet from falling below the foot pegs.

THROTTLE – A self closing throttle is a requirement.

KILL/CUT OUT SWITCH – A kill switch must be installed and must be of a lanyard style which attaches to the riders body.

Additional modifications may be needed depending on the discipline you are interested in. If you are unsure the club is here to assist.

All quads are scrutineered prior to any MSA permitted event for safety and to ascertain their compliance.