If you or others are interested in the sport of riding quad bikes this guide has been designed to answer some of your questions. All licensing, riders, safety gear and Quads have to comply with the Manual of Motor Sport issued by Motorcycling Australia (MA) a copy can be obtained from the download section of SA Quad Club web site or from Motorcycling South Australia. For further information please do not hesitate to contact the SA Quad Club for assistance.


Various licences can be obtained but a licence must be obtained before you participate in any event that is under a permit issued by Motorcycling South Australia (MSA). These licence types include competitive, non-competitive /recreational, annual or one event licences. Annual licences are obtained through MSA, whilst one event licences are issued at the start of the event.


Kids can obtain a recreational (non competition) licence from the age of 4 years. A competition licence can be obtained from the age of 7years. All juniors must undertake the kick start coaching programme before they can obtain any of these licences. The kick start coaching programme must be undertaken with a MA licensed coach, coaching days are run by SA Quad Club as well as by MSA and include both practical and theory tests.


A senior (16yrs +) competition licence can be obtained by completing a Motorcycle Sport Exam and (if you do not have a motorcycling road licence) proving capability of handling/riding a quad this again must be undertaken by a licensed MA coach. Both seniors and juniors must be a member of a Motorcycle Club that is affiliated with Motorcycling Australia and have ambulance cover. More information can be obtained by contacting SA Quad Club, or contacting MSA