Competitive quad racing includes motocross, enduros, flat track and speedway. Non-competitive quad riding includes motard and recreational riding.


is off-road riding and involves riding over jumps, berms, whoops, rythm sections, either natural terrain or man-made. Motocross can be physically demanding


are the fun of riding cross country through bushland, open country, sand tracks, dirt tracks etc. Enduros are generally ran on a loop track which can vary in length and allocated time.


is for anyone who enjoys racing around a fully fenced oval circuit and loves to slide their quad for a huge adrenalin rush.


is a cross between speedway and motocross which is run on different shape tracks without jumps, great for sideways action.


Club members are notified of scheduled events, with details being posted on the club website. These are known as Supplementary Regulations (Sup Reg’s) This information details the format for the event, including race/ride classes, start time etc. An entry form will also be available with this information.